What is WCU?

Willow Creek University is our adult education program that explores the Bible and Christianity on a deeper level. WCU offers classes on books of the Bible and a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, apologetics, finances, and more.


All classes meet throughout the church on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or Sunday from 9:00-10:15 and 10:45-12:00. Class lengths vary from 6 weeks to 13 weeks.


Supplemental materials are available for purchase through the class or from our online bookstore.


At the heart of WCU are core modules that cover theology, Bible survey, Bible study, and personal ministry. Core modules are modeled after the first year of a Bible college degree and allow students to dig deeper by offering optional reading, homework, and a certificate for completion. Core modules are offered on a three-year rotating basis.

Bible Overview

  • Making Sense of the New Testament
  • Making Sense of the Old Testament: Law
  • Making Sense of the Old Testament: History
  • Making Sense of the Old Testament: Poetry & Prophets


Doctrine & History

  • Doctrine: The Bible
  • Doctrine: God the Father, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit
  • Doctrine: Angels, Man, & Sin
  • Doctrine: Salvation
  • Doctrine: The Church
  • Doctrine: Last Things
  • Church History

Christian Growth

  • The Christian Life
  • Introduction to Bible Study
  • Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Studies
  • Worldviews

2017 SPRING Class descriptions


Fit for the King, Roy Knicely & David Bush - Room 101 (Cost $50/person or $75/couple)

Expert instructors lead this class that investigates what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and what God expects regarding our physical bodies. Fit for the King seeks to give a biblical perspective on health and fitness.  We'll talk about myths and misunderstandings about food, diet, and fitness. We'll provide tools to help you determine a healthy living plan.  The class fee includes book, class materials and binder, instruction, and healthy snacks.


The Set-Apart Woman, Char Mars Room 102

Join us as we discover what Christ meant when He called us to be set apart women. Through sharing and interaction, we will be going through Leslie Ludy’s book The Set-Apart Woman. We will use God’s Word to guide and teach us how to fulfill our created purpose through surrender, holiness, and courage in our daily lives.  


Starting Point Room, Pastor Josh 108

If you are new to Christianity or The Creek this is the class for you. At The Creek we believe your worldview influences your thoughts and decisions for all of life. We want you to build a strong biblical worldview that will allow you to confidently answer questions like, where did we come from? Why are we here? How should I live? Starting Point takes us back to the beginning and builds the biblical foundation every one of us needs whether you're new to Christianity or have been a Christian for 50 years.


Making Sense of the Old Testament, Part 3,  Pastor Mike, Room 107

Why are some prophets “major” and others “minor”?  Why is “Song of Songs” in the Bible?  This third and final section of Pastor Mike’s survey of the Old Testament focuses specifically on the poets and prophets.  Learn where they fit within the big picture of what God is doing.


Growing Together: Growth Group Leadership Training , Pastor Zach, Room 106

Growing Together seeks to train leaders for one of the keep elements of our ministry: Growth Groups. This new class will explore both the biblical philosophy of growing together as well as the nuts and bolts of group life. This class is for current and potential growth group leaders. Contact Pastor Zach if you think this class is for you.  


Griefshare Lynn Sicheneider- Room 105 (Class began February 15)

GriefShare is a support group for people grieving the death of a family member or friend. GriefShare helps people face these challenges and move toward rebuilding their life.