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Individual: $45
Married Couple: $65 (Note: Couples share one set of materials)

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Individual: $55
Married Couple: $75 (Note: Couples share one set of materials)

Groups of 10 or more will be given a 15% discount. Please call 208-665-2333.

What is TERM?
When sharing the gospel, many of us quote John 3:16 or pass out gospel tracts. We appeal to the fact that God has a wonderful plan for each person. But recently, our efforts have often been met with blank stares or harsh criticism. Of those who do profess Christ, many fall by the wayside or show no evidence of understanding. Some believers are plagued by a nagging doubt—does the gospel have the power to truly change lives?

TERM is a time to stop and rethink evangelism in the context of our diverse, ever-changing world.

The seminar looks into Scripture to see what it has to say about sharing the gospel clearly. In the process, an approach springs to light that Jesus himself used. Learn why The Emmaus Road Message (TERM) has proven so effective—whether we are engaging the confused, the seeker or the hardened.

TERM will enable you to use the chronological approach to evangelism that has benefited so many around the world. See how the power of the historical narrative overcomes obstacles and enhances clarity. Learn simple, everyday methods for communicating the Bible’s life-changing message.

This one-day TERM Seminar consists of Modules A and B.

Approaching evangelism in today’s modern world:

  • What does Humpty Dumpty have to do with changing a person’s deeply-held beliefs?
  • When it comes to evangelism and discipleship, I have concerns. When faced with fear, uncertainty and lack of knowledge, how do I build confidence?
  • What does the Bible say is necessary before people will trust us? Or trust God?
  • What guidance does Scripture give on how to share the gospel with the biblically illiterate? The confused? Those hardened to the Bible? What value does the inherent architecture of the Bible have to do with sharing the gospel? Does it really matter?
  • What practical suggestions can you give me for those “spur-of-the-moment” opportunities to share the gospel?

Cultivating a lifestyle as ambassadors:

  • I don’t want to come across as “preachy.” How can I communicate the gospel in a way that is engaging, accurate and without arm-twisting?
  • We all like stories. But how would this approach help in presenting the gospel?
  • What irreducible minimums of the gospel must I bear in mind when explaining the good news of Jesus Christ?
  • When sharing the gospel, should I focus on faith or understanding? Why?
  • Using a “crawl, walk, run” paradigm, where can I start in presenting the gospel?