For the last couple weeks, our church has been learning a modern hymn from CityAlight: Christ is Mine Forevermore. The hymn contains an absolutely beautiful melody that transfers perfectly for congregational singing. It is a highly accessible melody. The hymn also superbly uses the English language to convey heart warming and convicting truths of God.

One of my personal favorite lines is noted above. "Mine are tears in times of sorrow, darkness not yet understood." This phrase resonates with me because we have the intellectual understanding that God is sovereign over all, yet we have a difficult time reconciling that intellectual truth with our hearts. We know the world is skewed because of sin, and we are waiting for the day when Christ will reconcile all things to himself. The final phrase of the song speaks to Christ's reconciliation: the author says, "And mine are keys to Zion city, Where beside the King I walk, For there my heart has found its treasure, Christ is mine forevermore." 

This is a great song to incorporate into time with your family or in a personal moment of reflection. I have included links, lyrics, and a song video below. Check it out.


Christ Is Mine Forevermore

Mine are days that God has numbered
I was made to walk with Him
Yet I look for worldly treasure
And forsake the King of kings

But mine is hope in my Redeemer
Though I fall His love is sure
For Christ has paid for every failing
I am His forevermore

Mine are tears in times of sorrow
Darkness not yet understood
Through the valley I must travel
Where I see no earthly good

But mine is peace that flows from heaven
And the strength in times of need
I know my pain will not be wasted
Christ completes His work in me

Mine are days here as a stranger
Pilgrim on a narrow way
One with Christ I will encounter
Harm and hatred for His name

But mine is armour for this battle
Strong enough to last the war
And He has said He will deliver
Safely to the golden shore

And mine are keys to Zion city
Where beside the King I walk
For there my heart has found its treasure
Christ is mine forevermore

Come rejoice now O my soul
For His love is my reward
Fear is gone and hope is sure
Christ is mine forevermore

CCLI Song # 7036096
Jonny Robinson | Rich Thompson
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