But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
— Matthew 6:6

My regular quiet times with God generally contain small sections of God’s Word and a focused time of journaling to align my heart and mind with passage. Being a writer and prayer journal-er, there aren’t usually instances in which I find myself having no words to journal or pray. I tend to write more than enough.

Within the past couple of weeks, my quiet time took an unexpected turn during two different occasions. In a quiet place, I found solace from the world and the stress of life, but I was also unable to come up with the words to write in my journal.

Instead, I found myself pouring out my heart to God silently. I wept over my sin, and I worshipped him. I took time to be still and listen to God. I had been unable to put into words the grace that has yet again been bestowed upon me by our loving Father.

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.
— Psalm 62:1

During these quiet times, my heart wandered through thoughts of the gospel and its power in light of the depravity of man. I pondered the utter restraint and continuous mercy that God has for us, in light of the fact that the world has turned against him for selfish desires. I cannot understand his unconditional love that he would send his son as a sacrifice and the payment for my sin.

In my quiet time, I was again reminded of God’s mercy and love, and was absolutely broken because of my sin. My thoughts of anger at the world and my own sin turned to praise because of what God has already done in my life. God gave his only son because he loved the world so much that whoever believes in Jesus Christ would gain eternal life and be forever joined to the body of Christ.

As we look to our lives and examine our hearts, we begin to understand we can’t simply give God enough of our time. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give him any time at all. Rather, we should be good stewards and dedicate some time in our schedules to work on our relationship with the Most High. Perhaps that time only looks like five or ten minutes in your schedule right now - then so be it. Start small, and as you begin to enjoy this time with our Heavenly Father more, allow yourself a larger amount of time to cultivate a sweeter relationship with our amazing God.