Passage:  Acts 3

Big Idea:  The power of God resides in Jesus, and we can access it by faith in His name.

Context:  The first part of Acts 3 is the story of a miracle, and the second part is a sermon Peter wrote.  In verses 1-10, we see the power of God healing a crippled man through Peter.  The purpose of this miracle was to gain an audience, and it provides an opportunity for Peter to preach to thousands.  

The subject of Peter’s sermon was how we tap into the power of God.  The people assumed Peter and John must have been super religious to get this power, and they thought they could get it by following the rules and doing the right thing.  But Peter tells them that God’s power is not gained through works or religion, but through Jesus as spoken by the prophets.  This was very impactful because they had just coerced Pilate to crucify Him and rejected Him for a murderer (vs 13-14).  He then tells them to turn and repent so their sins can be blotted out.  Some of the people were annoyed but others were saved (five thousand men not including women and children!).  As they were preaching, Peter and John were arrested and taken to await trial the next day.  Ironically, they were taken to the same place Jesus waited to stand trial when he was arrested.

Application:  You might be thinking that Peter was something special, but he was very ordinary; he sinned just like you and me.  While preaching this message, he was emboldened as he started talking about Jesus (vs. 3:13).  We are saved by placing our faith in Jesus, and if we ever stop getting to know Him, we will not be able to experience the power of God in our lives.  Be encouraged: because of the forgiveness of sins and the application of the righteous of Jesus, you have power of things like depression, substances, or adultery.  You have a living hope that has eternal value.  He has forgiven you and you don’t need to escape your problems or feel guilty, you have power to forgive, and you have victory over sin.

What are your next steps?  Do you need to work on getting to know Jesus better?  Do you need prayer because you feel out of touch with God’s power in your life?  Do you need to repent of your sin and put your faith in the name of Jesus?