This past week we started a new sermon series called The Fisherman: The Life and Ministry of Peter.  Catch up on the sermon and join us next week at 9 or 10:45 am!

What comes to mind when you think of Peter?  The disciple who denied Jesus?  The guy who always said too much?  In this sermon, Pastor Mike reminded us of some basic facts about Peter while challenging us to see his victories and strengths rather than fixate on his mistakes.  Check out these basic facts about him:

  1. He was a fisherman from the first century who lived in Capernaum (a city in Israel on the Sea of Galilee).

  2. He had a fishing business with his brother Andrew and two other men, James and John.

  3. He was a leader of the 12 disciples and often spoke for them.

  4. He was the closest disciple of Jesus and the dominant figured in the first 12 chapters of Acts.

  5. His name shows up in the gospels more than anyone else (aside from Jesus).

  6. He spoke to Jesus the most often and is rebuked more than any disciple (he also rebuked Jesus).

  7. He professed Christ boldly and acknowledged his Lordship but later denied Jesus three times.

  8. The Lord said harsher things to Peter than anyone else, yet no one is praised and blessed by Christ more.

Yes, Peter made a lot of mistakes, but he grew significantly in the three years he knew Jesus.  By the time we read about him in the book of Acts, he was radically changed and was speaking about Jesus to groups of thousands.  Jesus constantly sharpened him, and as believers, we can learn from his growth and change.

Peter’s actual name was Simon, but Jesus gave him the nickname Peter, which means “the Rock.”  This indicated more of what Jesus wanted Peter to become more than what Peter actually was at the time.  If you were to meet Jesus today, what nickname would He give you?  And how far away are you from the point where your life would indicate that?  Peter was able to get to know Jesus in a way we never will (this side of Heaven), but Peter gives us assurance in his letters that we can learn to know Jesus better.  

In this series, ask yourself, “What can I do this year to know/love and trust/obey Jesus more?”  Praise the Lord that we can know Him as fully as we need to because we have the record of Him in His Word.  So what are you praying God does in your heart and life through this series?

Tweetable Quotes:

Peter's life is recorded to show us that God loves to use imperfect people. #TheFisherman

The moment you were saved God began molding you into the image of Jesus Christ.  #TheFisherman