Do you feel like the Christian life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?  Or do you see God doing amazing things in other people’s lives and wonder, “Why not me?”  We might experience spiritual depletion and lack satisfaction in God many times in our lives.  In this sermon we learned the root of this problem is not knowing who Jesus is.  The disciple Peter struggled with the same thing.  The big idea from the message was, “When we take God at his Word, He displays His superiority and sovereignty over anything else in our lives.”

Even though he was a follower of Jesus, there were times when it didn’t quite register with Peter who Jesus really was.  He had witnessed demons confessing that Jesus was Lord, but it took awhile for it to become personal for him.  In Mark 1 we learn that Peter had left his work and followed Jesus.  This seems like it would be a definitive decision, but later in Luke 5, we see that Peter had gone back to fishing.  Instead of a listening to a sermon Jesus was giving on the bank of the Sea of Galilee, Peter washed his fishing nets.  This was lucrative for his business; he knew that unless the nets were cleaned, they would crack and have to be replaced.

While Peter was mending his nets, Jesus had to step into one of Peter’s boats to teach from the water due to the size of the crowd.  After He was done speaking, Jesus asked Peter to row out to the deep parts of the sea and cast the nets.  This was an unusual request and contrary to all Peter’s training and experience; the best time to fish is at night and in shallow water.  Peter replied, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing…” (Luke 5:5), but he continued, “...but at your word, I will let down the nets.”  He let them down and they caught so much fish that the nets began to break and his boats started to sink.  This is was a pivotal moment for Peter, and he fell down at Jesus’ feet in worship and humility.  Peter, the fisherman, had been caught.  Suddenly, he knew Jesus was God.

So what can we learn from this text?  First, take God at His Word and obey.  God tells us how we are to live in His Word, and we are to submit to that.  Even though the Bible clearly tells what is right or wrong, we like to argue, bend the logic, and throw conventional wisdom back at Him like Peter did.  (“Jesus, don’t you realize that the best time to fish is at night?  Do you really mean that I have to row out into deep water?”)  God shows Himself in our small steps of obedience, so are you missing Him completely because you are operating under conventional wisdom?

Second, from this text we learn to surrender everything in our lives to His lordship.  Who or what is god in your life?  It is hindering you from seeing His superiority and sovereignty, so make Jesus your Lord over all of it.  Once you realize He is God over all, you will feel so silly for treasuring anything over Him.

Lastly, this text teaches us to live with a new purpose and mission.  Jesus got Peter’s attention and turned him to a new direction.  Being used by God allows us to experience His power over our lives.  When we obey and commit, that’s when God will use us in ways we never could imagine.

Jesus knew Peter’s area of idolatry was his livelihood, and He confronted him on it.  Like Peter,  our idolatries will prevent us from following Jesus wholeheartedly.  We all have parts of our lives that we want to control and in which we fail to trust God.  What are yours?  Your finances?  Children?  Job?  Time?  Ultimately, no one has to tell you what it is.  You know what you are ranking higher than Him.  So where do you need to tell God, “At your word, I will...”?

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Reality check: you are not the most qualified expert in all things related to your life.  God is.  #thefisherman

Sometimes God will choose to crush our idols, but other times He shows us how much better Jesus is than that idol.  #thefisherman

You cannot simply add Jesus to your lifestyle, He is your lifestyle.  #thefisherman

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