Last week we discussed the question, “What would happen if an entire church was corporately satisfied in God and passionate about His glory?”  The book of Haggai has an example of this truth.  

Haggai details how a group of 50,000 people built a temple for God in Jerusalem.  The people were unified and prepared to do the work for God’s glory, but after time, they became discouraged and stopped building.  For 16 years, the temple sat unfinished, and they started pillaging the resources to build their own houses.  God used Haggai to tell them they will not experience God’s blessing until they had fulfilled their task.  

The people were under the Deuteronomic covenant, meaning God gave them special material blessing if they obeyed.  This covenant does not apply to us today, but there is truth in it for us.  When we do things God’s way, He will bless us.  He might not drop money into our laps, but we will experience peace rather than frustration.  Our job is to fulfill the Great Commission.  This means we will be the most satisfied and fulfilled when we are doing that.  How can you fulfill the Great Commission in your family?  Workplace?  Church?  

Eventually the people resumed building.  What inspired them?  Not a surplus of resources or manpower, but a sermon given by Haggai (Haggai 1:12-15).  This illustrates an important truth: Real change and obedience comes from reading God’s Word; it is how we connect with God and experience His presence in our lives.  If you are not personally engaged in the Word of God, you will not grow.  

As they laid the foundation for the temple, people criticized it, saying it was nothing compared to Solomon’s temple (Ezra 2:3).  Haggai told them to be strong, do the work, and stop complaining about the project (2:4).  God had told them what to do; now they just had to do it and trust.  Lack of trust can lead to discouragement, and the root of discouragement is when life oversells and under delivers; the gap between those two things is called depression.  When we are discouraged, it means we are not fully satisfied in who Jesus is.  It is tempting to compare what we have to others, but at some point you have to realize that God has given you a job just to obey.  Leave the results up to Him.  After all, the impact of the Gospel cannot be calculated.  It is priceless.  Our job is to be faithful.   

In Haggai 2:6-9, God told the people that someday He is going to put another temple in that same place, and we know that temple will be ruled and reigned by Jesus Christ Himself.  God told the people their work is not useless.  What they were doing fit into where God is bringing history.  Friends, we are to be passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission, energized by the Word of God, and encouraged by the promise of God’s presence and knowledge that He will work His plan.  

There is great power when a group of people get behind something corporately.  Our challenge is to be unified with our resources and job.   Then let’s step back and be amazed at what God will do.

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If our job is to fulfill the Great Commission, we will be the most satisfied and fulfilled when we are doing it.  #thepeopleproject

People who are satisfied in God and passionate about His glory will give generously of time and treasure for His glory. #thepeopleproject

God stretches what we have to go further and quells our desire for more when we’re satisfied in him. #thepeopleproject

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