Behind the Music: Rock of Ages

This week our church will be singing a hymn written in the 1700's by Augustus Toplady. The arrangement we sing was put together by Dustin Kensrue. Kensrue not only paired the text with a perfect melody he also added a fantastic chorus  and bridge. 

Blogger and Pastor, Tim Challies, wrote a concise biography on Augustus Toplady. I will share a little of that biography here and then send you over to his blog to check it out. 

Toplady wrote a number of hymns in his life, but “Rock of Ages” is by far his most famous. When Benson wrote about it in 1923, he claimed it “is to-day in more church hymnals than is any other English hymn.” Not only is it well know among churchgoers, but it is also recognizable in popular culture. Find the rest of the story here.

Rock of Ages (Acoustic Version)

Set List