Big Idea: Covenant Love is based on choice, not merit!

What happens when we function in “merit-based” love as compared to covenant love?

     At the time of Hosea, Israel didn’t understand God’s covenant love with them and it led to shallowness and misinterpretation. 

     When the church doesn’t understand God’s covenant love, it shows up in our relationship with God. Our relationship will be shallow and we will always be disappointed in God. Not only that, but we will sin, thus committing spiritual adultery. 

     When the church doesn’t understand God’s covenant love it shows up in our relationship with others around us. Our love will be shallow, economic love, we will be disappointed with our marriages and we will commit marital adultery. Marital adultery is when you go outside of marriage to receive the things that you need sexually and emotionally.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • When we sin, we commit spiritual adultery against God. #iamgomer

  • We need to ditch the scoreboard in our relationships and always give 100% #ScandalousLove

  • God doesn’t command an emotion, he commands us to actively place our affections on people. #ScandalousLove

  • When you do something out of duty, you will always expect something in return. #iamgomer

  • “I knew my wife was going to to be a whore. I knew Israel's doom was sealed, so what did I do? I preached.” Hosea #ScandalousLove

  • Let’s stop treating God like Santa Claus! #iamgomer

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