Behind the Music

For the next few weeks we will be singing a newer song, The Love of the Father. It was written by CityAlight, a group of church musicians who are writing music for the church. The song fits well with the themes of God's love and faithfulness that we are exploring in our Hosea series.

Below you will find a letter from CityAlight, the lyrics to the song, and a video. Enjoy!

Letter from CityAlight

Allow us to introduce ourselves. In early 2013, fifteen songwriters from St Paul's Castle Hill got together and began to work on new music for the church. The vision was for biblically-rich lyrics and simple melodies.

The task of writing for the church was taken very seriously. Over the course of the year, around fifty songs were written. Each was reviewed in a system involving a panel of songwriters, musicians and the pastoral ministry team.

In February 2014, ten of these songs were recorded live at church. Produced by Nathan Finochio (The Royal Royal) and mixed by Ainslie Grosser (Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman), we are very excited about the finished product.

Our prayer is that you and your church might sing these simple songs to our glorious God. If any of the songs are helpful, charts and lyrics are available online. If not, we hope you enjoy listening anyway!

The Love of the Father

Lift up your voices and lift up your praise Join with the heavens declaring the wonders of His faithfulness forever

Sing of the victory, the hope of the world The Saviour has risen, the Spirit has come to bring us into love forever  

We are the people of God With the freedom of hope in our hearts How great is the love of the Father

Lifted from darkness and into the light The sons and the daughters are loved at a price our God has made us His forever

This is the song of the redeemed The ransomed and the free Given life at such a price This is love, this is love And when the Father calls us home And we see Him on the throne Hear the voices sing as one This is love, this is love

© 2014 CityAlight Music - James Ferguson & Rich Thompson CCLI #6635756

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