Chris Lightfoot, my husband, is my guest blogger today. He's writing to share what we can expect in Children's Ministry in the coming year. Read on to find out!

Fall 2015 will usher in some exciting changes for our children’s programs at The Creek. In addition to the building that is scheduled to be completed in September – and all that that will entail – we plan to launch a new Sunday curriculum in August. 

New curriculum? Why a new curriculum? Do we need a new curriculum? Did Pastor Zach check the content of this new curriculum? Mike did? Well send it back to Zach to make sure it’s ok.

Ok, maybe you’re not thinking any of those things, but I’d like to take a moment to address a few of them anyway. 

Let’s start with our goals. As we spoke with teachers, parents, and pastors, we realized there were a few things that we really wanted our curriculum to accomplish.

1. We wanted a unified scope so that all of our classes from toddlers through 5th grade were walking together through the same passages and content.

2. We wanted a curriculum that gave significant resources to teachers as well as parents to encourage and empower continued discipleship at home.

3. We wanted a large group/small group format that would give the kids time outside of their classroom setting during each of the two services.

4. We wanted an option that would allow for the same material to be presented in unique ways each hour so that those kids who stay for both services (refer back to point 3 and re-emphasize importance) could have the content reinforced in an engaging way.

We vetted a number of options (all of which were checked to be sure they were doctrinally sound… by Mike… and then Zach) and eventually narrowed it down to 3. We then spoke with different churches who have used or are using those three options to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. After much consideration, we’ve decided that the option best fitting the goals listed above is The Gospel Project

We want to begin to familiarize you with The Gospel Project. We will be arranging some more formal presentations and training opportunities in the coming weeks and months for those interested in being involved, but for now, follow this link to The Gospel Project website and find the appropriate age group (“Preschool” = 2’s/3’s – Pre-K; “Younger Kids” = K – 2nd; “Older Kids” = 3rd – 5th) to take a look at some sample materials. 

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have, and ESPECIALLY welcome any interest you may have in working with our Creek Kids! Please reach out to me on The City or by email at

We are privileged to be able to make and grow disciples by sharing the love of Jesus with the next generations and would LOVE to have you join us in that mission.

In His Service,