Behind the Music 

This Sunday, we are singing one of Charles Wesley's greatest hymns, And Can it Be. During the process of researching the history of this hymn, I came across an article by Justin Taylor. Justin is the senior vice president and publisher for books at Crossway and blogs at Between Two WorldsIn his article, Justin ties every line of And Can it Be back to it's scriptural source. So, rather than trying to improve upon his work of art, I have shared an excerpt from his article and included a link to catch the rest. Below the excerpt you will find a recording of the arrangement we are singing Sunday. You can find the rest of our set list here. Justin writes:

 “And Can It Be” was written immediately after Charles Wesley’s conversion (May 21, 1738). Wesley knew his Bible well prior to this time, but had not yet experienced assurance of new birth or the fulness of grace in his life. Continue reading here...