When the Obsession with Self-Esteem Creates Unlikable (and Spiritually Deficient) Kids – “It’s essential that we teach our kids this important life lesson: Let other people brag on you when it’s merited, but, don’t ever be the one who is bringing up your own good qualities or accomplishments.”

Is your marriage a picture of the gospel?  – "If marriage is a picture of Christ and his love for his church, then much more is at stake than my happiness. The world should long for what Christians have. If our marriages aren’t filled with kindness and joy, why would anyone want what we offer? But when they see in us a mutual delight, a gentle and easy trust in one another, they can’t help but ask, “What’s your secret?” And we can tell them that it’s no secret at all. It’s Jesus."

Facebook Rules – Here is a good read for those who are contemplating whether or not to allow their kids get on social media.