Every week we post anywhere from 2-5 blog posts. So what do we expect you to do with all of this information that we’re giving to you throughout the week? Some of the stuff applies to you, some of it doesn’t. We blog about theological issues, family issues, culture issues and sometimes tennis shoes. What are you supposed to do with this stuff? Here are some tips:

  1. Read one/week - Pick out one of our regular bloggers and follow their posts. Regularly we have Pastor Trent who writes his Family Roundup typically every Wednesday and this blog has three links to content about parenting, being a good spouse, or just being a better Christian. Thursday we have new writer, Meghann Lightfoot who will be writing generally devotional thoughts as well as just how God has been working in her life. Finally, on friday’s Pastor Cody will be publishing the setlist for the upcoming Sunday as well as a little insight into one of the songs (This used to be Music Monday).
  2. Share - The internet is now the first contact most people have with a church before they even attend. One of the ways that you can connect the church to those who you’re friends with is to share the blog. You can do this in a couple different ways. Just copy and past the link into your Facebook, Twitter, or email. There is also a “share” button right at the bottom of the page that you can use. Lastly, you can share the image. A new thing that we’re trying to do is to take a quote from the blog post and put it to an image that is the perfect size for you to share in and social media outlet (especially instagram).
  3. Save them - Maybe one blog post really encouraged or challenged you. You can bookmark that specific blog for your future reference.

The purpose of these blog posts are not to boost our name so that people will think that we are great writers for writings sake. We strive to publish great content that connects the truths of scripture to your everyday lives. We pray that this is a valuable resource for you.!