How Deep the Father's Love for Us was written by Stuart Townend in 1995. The song is a modern hymn written with an D hymn meter. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, fitting perfectly with the text. Our western ears hear the melody as both solemn and hopeful, which matches the proclaimed truth in the song. In an interview about the song Mr. Townend drew attention to his favorite lines: "Behold the man upon the cross, My sin upon his shoulder." He likes these lines because they remind us of what our sin cost Jesus--not in a morbid way, because Jesus is risen. Nevertheless, the words are a truly amazing reminder that it was our sin that Jesus carried on the cross. Grappling with that idea will help us take our own sin seriously, and we can never take our sin too seriously. 

On a lighter note, Stuart Townend wrote the melody so quickly that he was sure that he had accidentally stolen it from somewhere. However, his tune has definitely stood the test of time.  Below I have embedded a beautiful arrangement of How Deep the Father's Love for Us. Enjoy!