Thank You, Unchanging Father, for you are the source of every good thing.  Every good and perfect gift comes from You.  While all creation constantly changes (even the weather has changed this week!), You the Creator do not.  While we break our promises and are slaves to ever-morphing desires, You remain faithful.  You are always good, always faithful, always kind, always loving. Lord, help our unbelief!  If we are faithless, You remain faithful.  You cannot deny Yourself.

Thank You, Generous Father, for our church family; for young and old; for new believers and persevering saints; for weak and strong; for unity in our diverse backgrounds, jobs, families, and stories. Thank you for the gift of music and chances to sing to one another of Your mighty deeds. Thank You for generous saints who sacrifice their time.  We pray with David, "As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones in whom is all our delight!"

Thank You, Eternal Father, for the joy of weekly seeing one another as we gather around the Word.  Free us from gathering only for ourselves and open our eyes to needs and struggles around us.  Thank You for friendships that united by Christ and that will last into eternity. Give us boldness to speak encouragement and even exhortation to one another this week.

Thank you, Loving Father, for the gift of suffering.  For by it we know you show your love.  What father doesn’t discipline the child whom he loves?  And if You did not spare Your own Son for us, how will You not also freely give us all things (even suffering, trials, and even death) as an instruments of love! So we pray for those in our church body who are suffering.  We pray for their perseverance in doing good.  May the comfort with which You comfort them also comfort us.  

Thank You, Blessed Father, for all spiritual blessings now and forever.  We praise you for making dead hearts alive.  For making dirty hearts clean.  For making rebels into children. For declaring unworthy worthy.  For making unlovable lovely.  You do this, certainly not because of who we are, but because of who You are! You accomplished this, not by our own works, but by Jesus Christ’s!  "By Your perfect sacrifice I’ve been brought near. Your enemy You’ve made Your friend. Pouring out the riches of Your glorious grace.Your mercy and Your kindness know no end.  Jesus, Thank You.