One of the things we’ve been working on here at the Creek is being more consistent with blogging and social media. So with Pastor Zach out of the office this week I thought I would take a moment to tell you guys why we have started this.

The long answer is that we want to connect with our church throughout the week in a meaningful way. If you didn’t know by now, you can find the answer to just about any question the web. The problem with this is summarized in a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln “You can believe everything on the internet.”  See the problem (if you didn’t please re-read the author and the content of the quote)?

We strive to produce content with a biblical worldview and produce Scripture-based answers to some of life’s questions. We unashamedly believe that we are well-equipped to answer any question through the power of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures.

As a staff, we are care for our body deeply and want to help you get in touch with God’s Word as many times as possible throughout the entire week. Not just simply on Sunday and Wednesday.

We don’t write blogs to make a bigger name for our church or even to make a bigger name for ourselves. We spend time on these blogs  and time on social media to be a resource for you! So we pray that these blogs would not be just another thing you, as a church, just see on your Facebook or Twitter feed and simply ignore like the other bloggers, but rather that you would view these as an extension of our teaching ministry here at The Creek.

Our goal is to create content that is useful to our body and helps you know and love Jesus more.

The short answer is to stay Scripturally connected throughout the week.